The New Zealand Haggis originated from the original Scottish stock that migrated here in the 1800's. Adapting to a different climate and vegetation, the Haggis flourished well in its new home, but kept many of its ancestral features. However, grazing on New Zealand vegetation has resulted, some say, in a more superior flavoured table beastie.

Here at Haggis Smallgoods, we pride ourselves in providing you with the most superior quality Haggis, keeping its traditional heritage.

Selected Products

Haggis in Sheep Paunch

3kg-5kg Ceremonial haggis in sheep's paunch

$24.99 per kilo

Black Pudding

Made from an old Scottish recipe authentically crumbly (horseshoe shape)

Out of stock

Lorne Sausage

Otherwise known as Square Slice Sausage Packed sliced - great on the BBQ

$16.99 each

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